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Mask from Buy Weed from Women

Happy International Women’s Day!

It’s International Women’s day and we wanted to share the love! This week I (Andrea) participated in a conversation that is featured here in the Herbal Dispatch blog Herbal Dispatch is one of the key suppliers we work with on Direct Delivery.  They put heart into what they sell and their working relationship with Mercari… Read More

Keylime Kush Nug

We got love for the Lotus Key Lime Kush

Every once in a while we come a cross a flower that hits right both in terms of quality and budget! Enter Keylime Kush by Lotus. Lotus is a North Okanagan based brand led by lifelong friends Jason Brown and Carl Correia. The Lotus team decided to bring their legacy medical grow team into the… Read More

What are the metrics for quality cannabis?

Episode 1: What are the metrics? Our tag line is Quality Cannabis, Quality Peoples. The Quality Peoples bit is easy... it's the Quality Cannabis that is more challenging. During pre-regulation, we had the privilege of working with a select handful of growers. They were very knowledgable and over time we were able to absorb some... Read More
Photo from the book "Chocolate of Choice"

Choklit Park Adventures

I grew up in Vancouver’s East side to a family that really valued the adventure playground movement. We moved to Vancouver via Ontario via Sweden. En Route to Canada from Sweden we were able to witness and explore the Notting Hill adventure playground in England. Once we arrived in Toronto we discovered the Peoples Park,… Read More

Our co-founder Andrea Dobbs featured in ADCANN’s Trailblazer series

We are honoured to share that Andrea has been featured in the ADCANN Trailblazers blog series. It was a great opportunity to check back in around the issues and the people that  matter to me. We discussed how brands can make authentic connections with retailers. We also talked about what kinds of changes we’d like… Read More

Nostalgia has me feeling nostalgic

This is a Beautiful CBD flower. CBD Nostalgia. The Lofi Nostalgia reminds me of some of the CBD cultivars we used to sell pre regulation. Its got a big nose. It smells like Juicy fruit to me. It’s kinda sticky and the trim has “Hippie” vibes which I like. I forgot to take a photo… Read More

Introducing The Lab

The Lab officially launches Friday Feb. 10th We like weed as much if not more than the next person so we’re excited to launch the Lab. The Lab is where we get to explore products that are released in the value realm. We’re deeply connected to BC grown, craft Cannabis and that won’t change however,… Read More

Weed Delivery in Vancouver

Village Bloomery Delivers Weed in Vancouver, for FREE! Since 2015, Village has been curating the very best cannabis products available.  We are a destination for folks who love great cannabis and who are looking to explore Cannabis and wellness.  Our reputation for quality weed, education, and service grew to where now we are the highest… Read More

Reefer Report #7: 1964 Organic Super Lemon Haze

This week’s 1964 Organic Super Lemon Haze Reefer Report comes to you from Andrea the other OG Bloomer. Summary Organic Super Lemon Haze grown by 1964 has a very familiar flavour and effect for me and that was really nice. Its been a while since I’ve seen this cultivar in person so I was pleasantly… Read More

#Tryittuesday does Edi’s Peppermint

Edi’s Peppermint Edibles by Foray look kinda interesting. The brand has definitely done its research around how to make candy feel a little more grown up by leaning into the graphic styles of the 60’s and 70’s. While I’d like to be able to share with you a review on their Gum Drops they aren’t… Read More