Village Bloomery Victoria Location

Village Bloomery Victoria (Currently Closed)

Victoria will always have our heart.

One thing we heard over and over again during the early years of Legalization was that you must “Scale” the business to be able to reach sustainability. We tried many, many times to secure a secondary location & it proved very difficult.  There are so many regulations in place that make finding Cannabis retail friendly spaces a challenge. Eventually we were “successful” for a moment when we were able to secure a location in Victoria’s Cook Street Village. It was a long and arduous process to get up and running but once we did we fell in love with the awesome community.  Our incredible staff members  held the location down while we traveled back &  forth between Vancouver and Victoria. We put our all into that shop. Many a breakfast was had at Bubby Rose’s and dog walks along the beach along Dallas Rd late at night were a regular occurrence.

Unfortunately our bank account was not supportive of us continuing. We didn’t have enough of a cushion to support the learning curve it took to get settled properly into the community.

We did however learn a valuable lesson. Don’t just plop your business and its culture down in a community that is new to you if you aren’t 100% committed to participating in that community full time.  It was a very painful call but we pulled the plug and left the island with our tails between our legs. It is our hope that one day we can get back to the Island but short of that we will always make sure to say hi to the folks at Pineapple Express, Public Mercantile and Kutchies for making our attempt at scaling a friendly experience.

We Love You Victoria!