#Tryittuesday does Edi’s Peppermint

Edi's Peppermint edibles

Edi’s Peppermint Edibles by Foray look kinda interesting. The brand has definitely done its research around how to make candy feel a little more grown up by leaning into the graphic styles of the 60’s and 70’s. While I’d like to be able to share with you a review on their Gum Drops they aren’t available in BC yet so I’m jumping in on the Edi’s Peppermint Chocolates.

This is a new format for the edibles landscape in that it is a pack of 20 bite sized chocolates each with 0.5mg THC per bite. Same overall package size to potency ratio in that the whole bag is 10mg THC but it allows for much more fine tuning of a dose that feels just right.

I wasn’t prepared to like these as I’m not a lover of white chocolates or even milk chocolates but I do have a weakness for anything mint chocolate. Unfortunately with the Health Canada packaging and labeling requirements the package isn’t super exciting. I do look forward to the day when I can hold an infused treat in my hand with out the package screaming at me to stop!

Edi's Peppermint candy

The aroma hit me immediately and it was pleasantly peppermint. They are a little bigger than I thought they’d be, I was thinking white chocolate chips and this is more Hershy’s kiss so that was a welcome surprise. The chocolate is rich and creamy and the peppermint has some kick. I can see myself slowly consuming a bag while watching some weighty interior design drama on my couch! Bring me Bon Bons!

Edi's Peppermint white chocolate

I like these. They are not vegan nor dairy free, they absolutely contain refined sugars. They are creamy, not overly sweet and just the right amount of minty for me. I might even buy a couple of bags and make a white chocolate almond bark with them for the Holidays! (I’m definitely doing this)

Edi's Peppermint being eaten

Perfect holiday vibes.