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A fun collection of rolling tools.

Why we want you to roll a joint.

Why learn to roll? Rolling a joint can be a bit like origami in that a well rolled one is a work of art. Whether you prefer a cone or a barrel, a “pinner” or a “fatty”, the pride one can feel by perfecting the roll is immense. It can also be a way to… Read More

Sitka Micro RNTZ, by KNL Micro


SUMMARY Sitka Micro RNTZ ticks all the boxes: great cure, great nose, smooth smoke, great effect. I definitely would have put this on the shelf pre-regulation, and we’re proud to have it now. This is a great example of small batch BC bud. Pre-regulation I would have called this a trip (AAA), as I’d be… Read More

Why Sativa, Indica and Hybrid are terms we need to respect

Cannabis in Canada as we know is still emerging into the mainstream since it was “legalized” in 2017. At the Village Bloomery we use quotations when we refer to cannabis  legalization because if there is one thing we understand it is that Cannabis has more laws surrounding it than ever before. Pre legalization cannabis lived… Read More

A beginners guide to smoking a joint

The Beginners Guide to smoking a joint  Smoking is a great way to begin experimenting with Cannabis. Why smoke? Smoking isn’t the most efficient uptake of cannabinoids but it is the consumption method that has the quickest uptake…meaning you will feel it as soon as you consume it. It also has the shortest window of… Read More

Andrea’s Two Cents | A Blue Dream Haze flower review

When it comes down to a great representation of a flower grown to scale I’ve decided that the Simply Bare Organics Blue Dream Haze is hands down the best in the regulated space. This means something to me as I’ve had this particular genetic grown at the craft level and while it has lost a… Read More

The Original Chill Pill

In  2015 Farbod Nael of Farbod Ceramics took a leap of faith and began creating beautifully crafted ceramic goods for cannabis consumption. One of the first pieces he created was the Chill Pill and we’re happy to say we were the first to carry the infamous creation! The Chill Pill was immediately loved by all… Read More

Ask Us Why We Love Micro Producers

In an ideal world we’d all grow our own Cannabis. Like tomatoes, peppers, beans and lettuce home grown always seems to bring the most flavour and diversity. Each gardener has their speciality and each crop brings out something new to inspire. This is why we love Micro Producers. Micro producers tend to grow Cannabis in… Read More

Weekly Cannabis Update

This was a fast paced week and we received some interesting products in our shipment…probably too many to mention in this post so for sake of ease we’ll focus on the Edible and Flower based products. If you are more interested in the oils and vapes do give us a visit. We can fill you… Read More

Cannabis This Week

Welcome to our first Cannabis this Week post! Each week we will do a deep dive into some of the products we’ve received in our weekly order. Some posts will give details on products we’ve developed a relationship with longer term and others will be products that are new to us. We invite you to… Read More

Bloomifesto #10 Introduce Yourself Lucille – Store Manager Extraordinaire

We’ve invited you to get to know us. As we continue to grow our vision we recognize it is important to give you a little more insight into who we are and what we’re about. We’ve introduced you to Andrea Dobbs one of our founders and next up is our Flagship shops manager, Lucille. Lucille… Read More