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Cannabis Modalities: Formats and How to Use Them

As the cannabis industry continues to develop, consumers are presented with a constantly evolving array of products, each offering unique experiences and benefits. From traditional flower to innovative extracts and edibles, the diversity of cannabis products can be both exciting and overwhelming. In this post, we’ll explore the various formats of cannabis products available in… Read More

The good weed’s journey to infinity and beyond!

The History of Cannabis from ancient China to East Hastings in Vancouver BC. Cannabis is still a topic of controversy, conversation, and curiosity despite becoming federally legal in 2018. Its journey spans millennia, deeply intertwined with human civilization and cultural practices across the globe. Join us on a historical voyage as we explore the rich… Read More

Infused Massage and Intimacy

Infused Massage Oil has yet to make it over to the legal side of things but that doesn’t mean we have to suffer without. There are many infused oil product on the marketplace with both CBD and THC in varying potencies. You can either apply the oil directly from the bottle or you can lengthen… Read More

Sweets for your Sweetie only Not So Sweet!

We're so happy to announce that the Sugar Free category is expanding! Now people who avoid sugar in their diets can happily partake in ingesting cannabis products. Beverages such as the Sweet Justice OG Cola Free, The XMG Alt line, the HYTN Rosewater Lemonade have found a solid following and now we have gummies and... Read More

Make Love Not War

We figured it was time to chime in on this well documented conversation to answer the question “Will this  infused lube make my wobbly bits high?” The answer is yes and no! THC is a known vasodilator meaning it can increase blood flow. More blood flow means more sensitivity and more sensitivity can lead to… Read More

Uncle Bob to the rescue!

The Uncle Bob brand is brought to you by the team at All Nations Cannabis. The All Nations facility is owned and operated by Stó Lō people on Stó Lō territory. All Nations grows mighty fine Cannabis and Uncle Bob is their Value offering. According to lore everyone one has an Uncle Bob. To identify… Read More

Gifts from the Magi

Gifts from the Magi!  Back in the day Andrea was not allowed to play with dolls. Her Mother was a somewhat radical feminist and dolls were just not on the menu. Fast forward and Andrea who is a self proclaimed “Late Bloomer” is having the time of her life smoking doobies and “playing with dolls… Read More

You Just Hit the Payload!

Woody Nelson Glade Runner Payload Back in the day we really enjoyed receiving fresh drops of freshly cured and recently harvested flower. Every once in a while we'd receive a big glass jar of really big beautiful colas and while eventually we'd need to break them up to allow folks to get the amount they... Read More

A Bloomers Guide to Dosing Cannabis – Part 2

Part 2 of the cannabis dosing guide talks about dosing for edible oils, CBD, and other cannabinoids. by Jeremy Jacob Part 1 of our Dosing Guide was published in the March/April issue of Cannabis Retailer. We talked about edibles and inhaling, the two most popular ways to consume cannabis.  In Part 2, we’ll talk about… Read More

A Bloomers Guide to Dosing Cannabis

Co-Founder Jeremy Jacob was asked to weigh in on creating a cannabis dosing guide. This article was published in the March/April 2023 issue of Cannabis Retailer Magazine. Village Bloomery has been in cannabis retail since 2015 and has roots in medical cannabis, health, and education, so dosing is a topic where we bring a lot... Read More