Infused Massage and Intimacy

Super Sativa for both topical application and ingestion.Infused Massage Oil has yet to make it over to the legal side of things but that doesn’t mean we have to suffer without. There are many infused oil product on the marketplace with both CBD and THC in varying potencies. You can either apply the oil directly from the bottle or you can lengthen your infusion by mixing it into your favourite massage oil. The oils for the most part are unflavoured and unscented so you can choose your journey and your destination for that matter! Our favourites include the Lofi 2500 mixed into the Aesop Breathless Massage oil

The Lofi is unscented and potent so a little goes a long way; one ml will deliver 50 mg of CBD.

The Breathless Massage oil has a beautiful woody and citrus aroma that we find blends well with the nutty aroma of Cannabis oil. The Earthwolf Farms strain specific oils are a nice way to infuse a general energy into the mix be that the Super Sativa for some lift or the Zen oil for a gentle incline. What ever you make of it there is no denying that touch is healing. We hope you take advantage of some infused massage over the winter months when the darkness can become a little heavy. Remember you can practice self massage…touching yourself is a good thing!

Note: These oils are not suitable for use with Latex.