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The good weed’s journey to infinity and beyond!

The History of Cannabis from ancient China to East Hastings in Vancouver BC. Cannabis is still a topic of controversy, conversation, and curiosity despite becoming federally legal in 2018. Its journey spans millennia, deeply intertwined with human civilization and cultural practices across the globe. Join us on a historical voyage as we explore the rich… Read More

Mask from Buy Weed from Women

Happy International Women’s Day!

It’s International Women’s day and we wanted to share the love! This week I (Andrea) participated in a conversation that is featured here in the Herbal Dispatch blog Herbal Dispatch is one of the key suppliers we work with on Direct Delivery.  They put heart into what they sell and their working relationship with Mercari… Read More

Photo from the book "Chocolate of Choice"

Choklit Park Adventures

I grew up in Vancouver’s East side to a family that really valued the adventure playground movement. We moved to Vancouver via Ontario via Sweden. En Route to Canada from Sweden we were able to witness and explore the Notting Hill adventure playground in England. Once we arrived in Toronto we discovered the Peoples Park,… Read More

Our co-founder Andrea Dobbs featured in ADCANN’s Trailblazer series

We are honoured to share that Andrea has been featured in the ADCANN Trailblazers blog series. It was a great opportunity to check back in around the issues and the people that  matter to me. We discussed how brands can make authentic connections with retailers. We also talked about what kinds of changes we’d like… Read More

Bloomifesto #10 Introduce Yourself Lucille – Store Manager Extraordinaire

We’ve invited you to get to know us. As we continue to grow our vision we recognize it is important to give you a little more insight into who we are and what we’re about. We’ve introduced you to Andrea Dobbs one of our founders and next up is our Flagship shops manager, Lucille. Lucille… Read More

Bloomifesto #10 “Introduce Yourself”

One of our Bloomifesos is “Introduce Yourself”. In light of Covid 19 we are are all feeling the loss of connecting with our peeps so we came up with a little quiz that you might find interesting and we’re using it as an opportunity to introduce ourselves to you! Feel free to share this quiz… Read More

For the Art Enthusiast and or the Creative

Cannabis has a reputation of triggering creativity.  It’s only natural to desire unique pieces created by art enthusiasts for art enthusiasts for your cannabis ritual. Here are 5 items to gift to the creatives in your life. Home Edition Rolling Papers by Mucho Papers $13.90 Designed and made in Mexico City, these rolling papers are… Read More

What about 2.0 products?

As we enter the next phase of Cannabis regulation “cannabis 2.0” we’ve had to ask ourselves whether or not to get excited! While we are looking forward to introducing these products to our village we also recognize that there are a million and one hurdles that our distribution chain has to jump before these lovely… Read More

Glitz & Glam- Indulge yourself

We’re no longer in the 90’s when we smoked our marijuana out of crushed pop-cans and got our weed in a sandwich size zip lock bag.  Welcome to the future, this is 2020.  We now call it cannabis and it’s federally legal for recreational consumption.  It’s time to up our accessories game to match the… Read More

What is a Bloomer?

What is a Bloomer? To Bloom or not to Bloom. That is the question. According to the word bloom has many expressions.    We recognize the word bloom as a noun. the flower of a plant “the bloom of the cherry tree.” a flourishing, healthy condition; the time or period of greatest beauty, artistry,… Read More