For the Art Enthusiast and or the Creative

Cannabis has a reputation of triggering creativity.  It’s only natural to desire unique pieces created by art enthusiasts for art enthusiasts for your cannabis ritual.

Here are 5 items to gift to the creatives in your life.

Home Edition Rolling Papers by Mucho Papers $13.90

Designed and made in Mexico City, these rolling papers are a passport size booklet with original designs on the front.  Choose from 4 options.

Stoner Babes Colouring Book by Katie Guinn $18

This meditative, art-filled adult coloring book is inspired by the beauty of women and gender fluid people who savor the qualities of the marijuana plant. They are empowered, intelligent, motivated humans who pay no mind to judgment, for they’re making their mark in this world no matter their color, shape, size, age, or gender. You’ll enjoy coloring these highly detailed and varied pages, with tattoos, patterned garb, shape-filled backgrounds, marijuana bouquets, and gorgeous faces. While you color, partake in the transcendental qualities of weed and contemplate what empowerment means to you. Contains over 60 babes on single-sided and perforated pages that you can tear out and share.

Hudson Pipe by Laundry Day $80

Laundry Day is a Canadian brand designed on Vancouver Island.  Their hand-held pipes are meant to be table-top décor highlighting the visual beauty of the smoking experience.  The Hudson pipe is part of the billow collection named so because you can watch the smoke flow through the transparent chamber when you take a puff.  Each piece is hand-blown, expect variations.

Approx. 3.75″ diameter  x .75″ height


Rockstar Pre-Rolls by Whistler Cannabis Co.

These organic  pre-rolls are artistically grown in Whistler using living soil.  Each pre-rolled is hand-rolled and signed by the person who rolled it – was it Pedro or Renny?  And what’s with that interesting folded tip?  These are indica dominant with a THC level of 19%.


Frida Standing Pipe Bong by Baked in Vermont by $150

An ode to a heroic woman by Baked in Vermont. Each Baked in Vermont piece is handmade with love and care. Each bowl is hand formed and each hole is created by hand. The decorations are a mixture of hand-printed images and vintage 1970s English decals.  Meticulously applied by hand.  These ceramic pipes are fired 4 times to achieve their distinctive feel and look. They reach a top temperature of 2,300F so they are made to last. They can be cleaned like any glass pipe.