Village Bloomery Cannabis Store Village Bloomery Cannabis Store

The Village Bloomery is a cannabis retail business – and community of quality people – all in the heart of beautiful Vancouver.

Since 2015, we have been helping people make good decisions about cannabis, enabling them to bloom.

Our Approach is Simple

  • Create a professional, smart, welcoming store environment that appeals to everyone.
  • Be the expert in cannabis products to ensure we find the best solution for you, and:
  • Always be kind, because kind matters.

Bloomifesto #11

It's what's on the inside that counts.




With an educational background in Design and Display, Andrea has worked most of her life in retail, with a focus on design and management. Throughout her career, Andrea has had the pleasure of working for forward-thinking retailers like IKEA, The Body Shop, and Womyns Ware. Andrea has recently been featured on the cover of the Georgia Straight and is redefining what cannabis means to women.



A mechanical engineer by trade, Jeremy spent 15 years working in renewable energy, including founding Exchangenergy Inc. in 2005. Together, Jeremy and Andrea founded The Village Collaborative in 2015. Jeremy is also the current President of the Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers (formerly CAMCD) and is providing leadership on regulatory reform.

Our Vision

Vitality, Empowerment, and Community — we believe the responsible use of cannabis creates energy, confidence, friendship, and joy. We believe that 'feeling good' (about yourself, your life, the world around you) is for everyone.

Our Mission

To create a healthy, progressive, and positive relationship between consumers and cannabis.
To build a company that improves lives and strengthens communities.
To partner with local educational agencies, ensuring that people have the tools to make insightful decisions with respect to cannabis.
To establish a sustainable business model that creates employment opportunities, supports the local economy, and enriches the community.