Village Bloomery Kitsilano Location

Village Bloomery Kitsilano

This is where it all began. In 2014 founders Andrea Dobbs and Jeremy Jacob drafted their business plan for a holistic and approachable Cannabis retail experience.

They were young & naive so the plan involved a coffee shop in the front and a cannabis dispensary in the back… think the mullet of Cannabis retail. The front would offer lovely sugar free, vegan & gluten free foods and the back of the shop would sell farm fresh, locally grown Cannabis & Cannabis products.

For the first little while it was the coffee shop that kept them afloat. The shop was a  hidden gem in behind the waterfall in the Arthur Erickson Waterfall building.  It wasn’t until our reputation for being quality people offering quality cannabis was established that we became infamous for offering the best BC Bud the province had to offer.

We weren’t alone in this love of Craft Cannabis. We were part of a larger Cannabis Village with the likes of BC Compassion Club (who started it all), The Dispensary, The Green Cross, Weeds, MJ Cannabis (now ARCannabis) amongst others; all of whom were working on the front lines to make Cannabis accessible for all. Being part of Vancouver’s Cannabis golden age where product diversity and accessibility was at an all time high was an experience we’ll never forget.

Fast forward to 2024, Cannabis is Federally legal and we’ve moved our shop to the front of the Waterfall building! Now we are much easier to find and so is Cannabis! We’re here to continue our commitment to serving quality cannabis and being quality people. The first years of legalization were shaky. The quality of cannabis we had access to was well below what we felt good about. Today we can say we’re genuinely proud of our offerings. BC Bud is here to stay.

Stop by, say high and feel free to ask about the “good old days”! Who knows, we might even have some coffee in the mix. 🙂