Quality Cannabis. Quality Peoples.

Not just a tagline, but our way of doing — and building — our business.

This way of being is supported by a Vision (Vitality, Empowerment, Community) and Mission we believe in, and believe is uniquely awesome and will attract uniquely awesome people. Too long to share here (see About Us) but, once you sink your teeth into it, if it feels right to you, let’s talk!

While we are not currently hiring the Bloom Tender position is where it all begins.

Take a read and see if you think its a fit!

Bloom Tender

Bloom Tender’s are passionate about the cannabis plant, its direct relationship with people, are natural educators, and love being on the floor in a retail environment!

You are intuitive and can easily relate to most individuals you meet. You have a sense of humour and are comfortable discussing what might feel like awkward subjects. You look at the world as if it were full of possibility and you are excited about exploring those possibilities with  those you meet. You are on time, collaborative, and understand that regulatory compliance matters and that integrity wins. You are agile and are able to keep up with a quickly evolving landscape.  

One of the foremost skills of a Bloom Tender is superior knowledge of the cannabis industry standards and protocols, including current policies on recreational and medical cannabis programs. Bloom Tenders also understand everything from how plants are grown to extraction methods and consumption modalities. Further, Bloom Tenders educate consumers on strain diversity and lineage, typical reactions as well as dosage and application. Along with customer service skills, Bloom Tenders have excellent listening skills. They interpret customer’s needs and wants and translate that into the best product for them.

In this role, individuals will have excellent customer service and ‘people skills,’ as they will be dealing with the public in a retail environment. Bloom Tenders should also have effective organizational abilities and ensure they record all products sold through the appropriate tracking system.

To get started you must have your Cannabis Worker Security Verification which can take a while to clear. Visit the liquor and cannabis  branch to learn more.

Bloomifesto #8

Master something you love. Then share it.


Bloomery Retail (Store) Manager (BRM)

The Retail Manager is passionate about cannabis, our staff, our customers, and motivated to make the Village a successful business!

You are involved in the day to day leadership and supervision of the retail environment, including staff management, inventory management, sales and resources. Your primary objective to create  a thriving and enriching retail environment.  

The BRM creates and manages staff schedules/vacations etc. and works with the front-line team to ensure quality work environments continue to evolve. The BRM supports the Sales Manager to ensure that the sales team have solid training and supports in place recognizing that product knowledge (to enable customer education) is top priority.  The BRM will support the Inventory Manager with analysis and reports, product merchandising and quality control initiatives. The BRM works as part of a team to support the shop to plan and reach sales targets/profitability.  The BRM is the goto for all warranty claims, customer conflict/complaints and staff concerns. The BRM will play a key role in all of the hiring, training, troubleshooting and releasing of staff. They will manage and execute staff meetings and team building activities. Product sourcing and innovative outreach strategies also fall under the scope of the BRM’s responsibilities. Collaborating with the senior management team to brainstorm promotional activities, social media strategies and other customer interfacing outreach to ensure that these conversations  are evolving in real time also under the Retail Manager’s portfolio. Lastly,  the BRM ensures the retail shop is in compliance with both Federal and Provincial regulations is key.

Bloomifesto #5

Get to know your shop-keepers by name. They'll do the same in return.


Future Possibilities

This is an exciting, dynamic time in the industry and we’re looking forward to collaborating with…

  • Cannabis Sommeliers
  • Ganja Yoginis
  • Cannabis & Seniors Consultants
  • Cannabis and Sexual Health Coaches
  • Cannabis Chefs
  • Cannabis and Fitness Experts
  • Wild Cannabis Hunters
  • Joy Builders
  • Sunbathing Instructors
  • Thing Finders
  • Medical access

Love what we’re doing and have something else in mind?  

We’d love to hear from you!