Reefer Report

Keylime Kush Nug

We got love for the Lotus Key Lime Kush

Every once in a while we come a cross a flower that hits right both in terms of quality and budget! Enter Keylime Kush by Lotus. Lotus is a North Okanagan based brand led by lifelong friends Jason Brown and Carl Correia. The Lotus team decided to bring their legacy medical grow team into the… Read More

Reefer Report #7: 1964 Organic Super Lemon Haze

This week’s 1964 Organic Super Lemon Haze Reefer Report comes to you from Andrea the other OG Bloomer. Summary Organic Super Lemon Haze grown by 1964 has a very familiar flavour and effect for me and that was really nice. Its been a while since I’ve seen this cultivar in person so I was pleasantly… Read More

BC Black Triple OG Review

BC BLACK TRIPLE OG REVIEW BC Black Triple OG is a high-test hybrid building on the ever popular OG Kush. This flower has been treated to a truly holistic life cycle from the organic living soil to the in-house composted teas to the expert cure and the hand trim. If this was beef it would… Read More

PureFire Shockwave brought to us by Joint Venture Cannabis

This week’s PureFire Shockwave Reefer Report comes to you from Andrea the other OG Bloomer. Summary Shockwave grown by PureFire is a delicious smoke that for me produced a very linear, focused and productive vibe. 3.8 /4 The Cultivator I got this intel straight from the horses mouth aka “I got this intel from the… Read More

Pure Sunfarms D. Bubba Review

  SUMMARY D.Bubba by Pure Sunfarms is a mellow, relaxing indica. PSF has done a good job delivering quality, consistency and value. While it’s not a craft flower, it has a decent cure, nose, and a nice burn. I’d rate this flower a low trip. At the price point, this is a great daily practice… Read More

OGEN Bacio Punch #8 Review

SUMMARY  Hang dried and hand trimmed for less than $30, OGEN Bacio Punch #8 is a GSC descendant that has nice buds, a great nose and flavour, and very nice indica hybrid effects. The buds are a little dry but great bud structure. I give this flower a AAA rating. 3 out of 4 Keep… Read More


SUMMARY Sitka Micro RNTZ ticks all the boxes: great cure, great nose, smooth smoke, great effect. I definitely would have put this on the shelf pre-regulation, and we’re proud to have it now. This is a great example of small batch BC bud. Pre-regulation I would have called this a trip (AAA), as I’d be… Read More

Andrea’s Two Cents | A Blue Dream Haze flower review

When it comes down to a great representation of a flower grown to scale I’ve decided that the Simply Bare Organics Blue Dream Haze is hands down the best in the regulated space. This means something to me as I’ve had this particular genetic grown at the craft level and while it has lost a… Read More