Reefer Report #7: 1964 Organic Super Lemon Haze

This week’s 1964 Organic Super Lemon Haze Reefer Report comes to you from Andrea the other OG Bloomer.


Organic Super Lemon Haze grown by 1964 has a very familiar flavour and effect for me and that was really nice. Its been a while since I’ve seen this cultivar in person so I was pleasantly surprised.  For me  it produced a clear, bright and focused feeling with a nice hit of energy. I only smoked a small amount and my feeling is that it would be quite impactful if I should decide to do a deeper dive. I’d be prepared for some lift.

The Cultivator

I will continue to get my cultivator intel directly from their websites unless I have something personal and or special to add.

Basics are they use a hybrid greenhouse and lean heavy on the sun, they use organic soil and no artificial inputs. They are under the Rubicon organics umbrella.

Check out their website if you want to learn more.


14 Day Hang Dry | Hand Trim | Cold Cured

Non Irradiated


Score: 4/4

This Super Lemon Haze originates from Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. I’m not sure who the original breeder of this is but I can say that it is similar to what I’ve seen in the pre regulated market.


Score: 4/4

The 1964 brand uses an appropriately sized , heat sealed black mylar bag with their logo in place.

The Nose

Score: 3.5/4

The nose of this cultivar is pepper, lemon, skunk, and pine with a light gas finish. It is a good example of a flower that opens up on the grind. The flower in the bag has a soft hint to what you might expect and once ground it’s citrus starts to grab you. I’ll give this a 3.5 because I like the nose to hit me right out of the bag.

Bag Appeal

Score: 3/4

The buds were tighter and smaller than I recall Super Lemon Haze looking like. My experience had a little more bounce back, it had a little more red in its coat and the nugs were a little larger. That said the buds were nice and conical and they had decent moisture content. They looked like they took on a  little more of the Super Silver aesthetic.

1964 Organic Super Lemon Haze

The Digits

Score: 3/4

This flower tested at 23.7% THC. The total percentage of Terpens was not listed but the top terpenes include Limonene, Terpinolene and caryophyllene.

The Cure

Score: 3.5/4

The flower survived the snap test and it had a decent bounce back. The flowers felt a little dense as I mentioned earlier but they had good integrity meaning they held their shape, they weren’t flakey and the nugs were uniform in shape.

The Grind

Score: 4/4

The grind was nice. The aroma was greatly enhanced by the grind, the ground flower was nice and sticky. Pinch test passed.

1964 Organic Super Lemon Haze Ground Up

The Roll

Score: 4/4

Roll was a breeze. Weed that has a little sticky to it makes for an easy roll. Not much more to say here. The roll was nice.

The Dry Pull

Score: 4/4

Very nice. The flavour profile is bold with hints of citrus, pepper and a little gas.

The Burn

Score: 3.6/4

This flavour held out on the burn and I was overall quite happy with it. It was a little “intense” near the end of the smoke but that happens to me with flowers that are peppery. It can be hard to tell if it’s my personal reaction to the terpenes or if it’s a harsher smoke. I’ll share it next time so I can get a second opinion.

1964 Organic Super Lemon Haze smoking

The Effect

Score: 3.8/4

I really enjoy Super Lemon Haze and this cut came through for me. I enjoyed the smoke and the effect was great. Colours were brighter, my energy was up and I felt capable of both working and socializing. It was a day filled with snow and plenty of work so the Super Lemon Haze was a nice moment.

The Verdict

Super Lemon Haze is a familiar flower and I may have been a little biased as I graded this particular cut. That said it was a nice grind, easy to roll, great flavour and a nice effect. If the product had had a more robust nose when I opened the bag maybe I would have been more impressed.

Overall I’m giving the flower a solid 3.4 out of 4.