Andrea’s Two Cents | A Blue Dream Haze flower review

BLUE DREAMWhen it comes down to a great representation of a flower grown to scale I’ve decided that the Simply Bare Organics Blue Dream Haze is hands down the best in the regulated space.

This means something to me as I’ve had this particular genetic grown at the craft level and while it has lost a little bit of magic along the way it is still a stellar example of the flower grown in bigger batches consistently and with care.

All of the touch points of craft cannabis are here and it starts with the nose. For me the flower is ripe with sweet tones of sun warmed blueberries, salted caramel and a dollop of heavy cream. On the grind it opens up and takes up space intensifying the berry notes and adding a hint of spice. My nose reads that spice as ginger. The roll is easy because the moisture content allows for the flower to hold a shape and you can  let the paper guide and envelope the material. The dry pull is full of flavour and it decidedly leans blueberry syrup for me.

When you hit the joint with a flame the cream quickly dominates the flavour. Its effect for me is consistent and very happy. I feel uplifted, joyful, creative, energetic and poetic. All things are visually brighter and edges are crisp. I feel a version of a very decisive and optimistic me.

I will be social, I will be dancing and I’ll give my heels a click!

These are my two cents. What’s your favourite example of Blue Dream on the regulated market?


(Note: I clarify the “For me” because I know we all read flowers differently. That’s the magic.)