What is a Bloomer?

What is a Bloomer?

To Bloom or not to Bloom. That is the question.

According to Dictionary.com the word bloom has many expressions. 


We recognize the word bloom as a noun.

    • the flower of a plant “the bloom of the cherry tree.”
    • a flourishing, healthy condition; the time or period of greatest beauty, artistry, etc.: “The gardens are in bloom”
    • the bloom of youth; the bloom of Romanticism. “a serious illness that destroyed her bloom.”

And then there are some lesser known examples of the word as a noun

  • the glossy, healthy appearance of the coat of an animal
  • a moist, lustrous appearance indicating freshness in fish.
  • redness or a fresh appearance on the surface of meat.

And in Botany

  • a whitish powdery deposit or coating, as on the surface of certain fruits and leaves: “the bloom of the grape.”

We recognize the word bloom  as a Verb.

  • to produce or yield blossoms.
  • to flourish or thrive: “a recurrent fad that blooms from time to time.”
  • to be in or achieve a state of healthful beauty and vigor: “a sickly child who suddenly bloomed; a small talent that somehow bloomed into major artistry.”
  • to glow with warmth or with a warm color.
  • to cause to yield blossoms.
  • to make bloom or cause to flourish: “a happiness that blooms the cheek.”
  • to invest with luster or beauty: “An industry that blooms one’s talents.”
  • to cause a cloudy area on (something shiny); dampen; chill: ”Their breath bloomed the frosty pane.”


But do we recognize it as an adjective? Should the world bloomer earn a place in our vernacular…we think so.

“Are you a bloomer?

Are you a person who is in a constant state of growth? Are you open to being vulnerable while you let your brightest most colourful self shine through? Do you nourish yourself by surrounding yourself with healthy people with bright open minds?

Then you my friend  are a bloomer.

We welcome you to the family.