Photo from the book "Chocolate of Choice"

Choklit Park Adventures

I grew up in Vancouver’s East side to a family that really valued the adventure playground movement. We moved to Vancouver via Ontario via Sweden. En Route to Canada from Sweden we were able to witness and explore the Notting Hill adventure playground in England. Once we arrived in Toronto we discovered the Peoples Park, it was a temporary adventure playground. During the 70’s, one of the Vancouver adventure playgrounds I frequented was Choklit Park.

Choklit Park

Photo from the book “Chocolate of Choice”

Choklit Park was the initiative of the Purdys Chocolates Co-Owner, Charles Flavelle. In 1969 Purdys ran into problems with its awkward loading facilities.  Charles thought that, if Purdy’s could build a new driveway to meet their loading needs, maybe they could benefit the local kids by adding a playground into the mix. To make a long story short, Flavelle secured a $5k youth grant and hired  “Five Hippies” to design and build the playground. The park was completed in the late summer of 1970 and soon became a huge draw for folks all over Vancouver. The park had a huge wooden slide & a zip-line which was thrilling because the park in built into a very steep hill. My memories of Choklit park are filled with exhilaration, adventure and pure joy. Somehow we avoided any butt splinters!

The Place to Be!

Over the years choklit park became a favourite place for the 420 inclined individuals. So, when the team behind Choklit Park Cannabis asked if I’d be interested in being interviewed for their blog I was more than happy to participate. My experience with the Choklit Park people has been in connecting over quality, creativity and curation. They are committed to creating nuanced and quality experiences through their products and their brand. We love their Flawless Victory, their High Country Diesel and we’ve been jonesing to try their Lavender Jones! Their vibe is nostalgic which I very much resonate with at this time in my life.

My interview for their blog was a fun opportunity to reconnect with people who enjoy cannabis for many of the same reasons I do! Check it out here.

To get in touch with Choklit Park give them a follow on instagram. Their instagram feed is a joy.

NOTE: Choklit Park is one of the brands under the West Blvd Cannabis umbrella. West Blvd Cannabis can be found situated on West 7th. A hop skip and a jump from our OG Shop in the Waterfall Building.