Mask from Buy Weed from Women

Happy International Women’s Day!

Mask from Buy Weed from Women

It’s International Women’s day and we wanted to share the love!

This week I (Andrea) participated in a conversation that is featured here in the Herbal Dispatch blog

Herbal Dispatch is one of the key suppliers we work with on Direct Delivery.  They put heart into what they sell and their working relationship with Mercari Agency (a powerful female run Cannabis agency headed by Lisa Campbell) bridges the gap between producers, processors and the retail sales floor.

The question of the week was “What does embracing equity mean to you” and I was excited to put in my two cents. Truth be told we need to see more self identified Women in roles of power and that is right up there with Queer representation, Black and Indigenous representation, South and East Asian representation.

My big “Why” for being a Cannabis retailer is that I want to participate in making the world a better place. I think that Cannabis is a gateway to a heart centred society and while it is a lofty goal I have my eyes set on a future where we can balance the heart and mind when we make decisions around how we treat eachother.

Big ideas make waves.

Oh yeah! And buy weed from Women!

[Mask was purchased from Buy Weed From Women A Black Woman owned product design house focused on supporting Women Cannabis Entreprenures]