Glitz & Glam- Indulge yourself

We’re no longer in the 90’s when we smoked our marijuana out of crushed pop-cans and got our weed in a sandwich size zip lock bag.  Welcome to the future, this is 2020.  We now call it cannabis and it’s federally legal for recreational consumption.  It’s time to up our accessories game to match the era that we live in.

For those who love the glitz and the glam, these 6 gifts are for you.

Totem Grinder by Hemson Goods $130

This solid walnut shell three-piece grinder has an ergonomic shape to allow for a firm grip.  The core and edged teeth are solid designed to prevent bud compression.  This is a high quality and unique item designed in Ontario.

Hot Lips Rolling Tray by Studio A.Ok $39

These hot pink lips are an acrylic rolling tray for high times.  This tray will pop on any surface ensuring your sesh kit will be the high-light of your roll sessions.

Classy Hand Pipe in Rose Gold by Greenshore Pipes $215

This hand-pipe is German designed and German made with quality aluminum that is plated with 18K Rose-Gold.  The long barrel ensures the bowl is at a safe distance from mink lashes keeping them safe when you light up.  This pipe is virtually unbreakable and is made of two parts, the bowl and barrel, making it easy to clean.  This beauty will last a life-time!

Hard Edge Lighter by Tsubota Pearl $39

This stylish lighter is designed and made in Japan by iconic lighter company Tsubota Pearl which has been around for 60 years.  The design is purposefully un-ergonomic to contrast the streamline look of lighters.  Refill this polycarbonate and steel lighter with petrol.

Strawberry Cream by Top Leaf


We’re thrilled these legacy growers are now available in the federally legal recreational market.  They grow craft at scale using smaller indoor grow rooms to produce large buds.   Strawberry Cream is part of their black series.  This cultivar smells of fresh morning berries with coaxed terpenes into the surreal and sublime.

Medusa Peak by Puff Co. $445


This limited edition rose-gold and white portable concentrate rig is upping the concentrate game for those who love the purity and high cannabinoid levels but not the rigs.  Features a rugged white silicone base, rose gold metal band and twisted inner-cone. The Peak represents the obsessive pursuit of perfection by consistently offering the highest-level experience with just the push of a button.