Sweets for your Sweetie only Not So Sweet!

Sweets for your SweetieWe’re so happy to announce that the Sugar Free category is expanding! Now people who avoid sugar in their diets can happily partake in ingesting cannabis products. Beverages such as the Sweet Justice OG Cola Free, The XMG Alt line, the HYTN Rosewater Lemonade have found a solid following and now we have gummies and hard candies from Olli!

The Gummies have a beautiful texture and taste amazing. We are usually a little hesitant to eat products sweetened with Stevia because it often has a somewhat metallic finish but that is NOT the case with these Olli sweets. The Raspberry Acai is just sweet enough, tart and the texture is that of a fresh fruit gelee. The hard candies are reminicent of a Jolly Rancher hard candy only a little more adult in flavour profile. Flavours include MacIntosh Apple, Niagara Peach, Sweet Cherry and Juicy Pear.

If you don’t want to take our word for it check out WeedMamma’s review! Weed Mamma Shannon Chiarenza has reviewed tonnes of weed products over the years so you might find that a great resource.

Other Sugar free treats include Botany White Peach & Cardamom Beverage with 10mg THC and 10 mg CBD and the new Ace Valley Blueberry Acai with 21 mg CBD and 7mg CBG!