Gifts from the Magi

Gifts from the Magi Village Doll Coven pre-roll

Gifts from the Magi! 

Back in the day Andrea was not allowed to play with dolls. Her Mother was a somewhat radical feminist and dolls were just not on the menu. Fast forward and Andrea who is a self proclaimed “Late Bloomer” is having the time of her life smoking doobies and “playing with dolls to feature my favourite brands is too much fun!”  This months doll scene is in celebration of All Hallows Eve and the Wildcard +  Magi Eclipse pre roll seemed the perfect fit. Each doll is carefully positioned around the cauldron and the Eclipse. It’s giving moody and magical. Wildcard’s MO is to collaborate with the best craft growers to bring you the best extracts including tasty vape carts, gorgeous concentrates and yes…infused joints. The Wildcard Eclipse is a collaboration with Magi Cannabis featuring their Peanut Butter Breath x GG4 cultivar. This 2 pack of 0.75 of strain specific (PBB x GG4) resin infused joints have become staff favourites and we think you might just enjoy a pack for an evening of other worldly delights!

Eclipse 2 x 0.75g $26





Gifts from the Magi love hazeMore from Magi! 

This here nug is the Saltspring Love Haze. The Saltspring Love Haze is an outstanding Super Lemon Haze Pheno and is one of Andrea’s top 3 flower favourite’s of all time. This is especially exciting because it’s legacy quality in the regulated space and at a price that feels right.

The aroma is all things sunshine…floral, citrus and a little bit of spice. The flavour is sweet like lemon curd and the effect is generally happiness and harmony.

Available in both a 3.5g format plus a 3 pack of 0.5g pre rolls. We think it a good idea to have some sunshine in your pocket over these next few months!

Love Haze 3.5g $38

Love Haze 3 x 0.5g $18.50

Magi Cannabis is a small-scale, family-owned and operated farm located on Salt Spring Island, B.C. As second-generation craft growers, they have deep love for the cannabis plants they cultivate; that love is evident in the exceptional products they create. Josh and Nadine have been dedicated to growing fine cannabis since the ‘90s.

As longtime islanders, they employ a small team of family and friends and are committed to paying living wages and providing long-term jobs for local residents. They have years of experience in medical cannabis production, and have recently completed building a Health Canada approved custom-designed facility for our Micro-Cultivation license.

To read more about Magi Cannabis visit their website here


Follow them on Instagram @magigarden


All photos are from the Magi Cannabis website and Instagram page.