Weed Delivery in Vancouver

Weed Delivery in Vancouver
We take weed delivery seriously!

Village Bloomery Delivers Weed in Vancouver, for FREE!

Since 2015, Village has been curating the very best cannabis products available.  We are a destination for folks who love great cannabis and who are looking to explore Cannabis and wellness.  Our reputation for quality weed, education, and service grew to where now we are the highest rated dispensary on Google, Leafly, and Weedmaps.

Now, Village is delivering our award winning quality and service to your door!

Why would you order with Village?

We only carry products that we’d be happy to consume ourselves

We take pride in knowing our products. We’ve done the research and picked the very best products across all price ranges and categories. This means you don’t have to do the research and you can count on everything you get from us.

Where weed comes from matters just as much as what it is.

From the beginning, we’ve been focused on fair trade and ethical cannabis. We look at different products, who is growing them and how they’re grown. Producers get bonus points from us if they:

  • Have legacy growers on their team
  • Grow in living organic soil
  • Grow in small batches
  • Cold cure
  • Hang dry
  • Hand trim
  • Use recyclable (or biodegradable) packaging
  • Use the sun to infuse their plants with full spectrum light reduce their carbon footprint
  • Understand this plant isn’t just about profit – but also about the people it helps!

Of course, not everyone will tick all the boxes, but we do our best to vet the most ethical growers, producing the best products and delivering great value to you.

vancouver weed delivery craft cannabisWe have FARM FRESH CRAFT cannabis!

In BC, we now have Direct Weed Delivery from small BC growers to private cannabis shops. We’ve taken full advantage of this and have one of the largest selections of BC Craft flower and pre-rolls that you’ll find in Vancouver. Give it a try and see the difference Farm Fresh makes in the flavour and experience of your cannabis.

Direct Weed Delivery also allows us to carry the small Craft growers, not available at the BCLDB.

We’re a small, family business.

village family weed delivery vancouverIt may seem that legalization has taken the culture out of cannabis, with giant companies seemingly coming for the little ones. But, we fully believe that consumers prefer small shops and small craft growers – after all, pre-regulation the vast majority of the industry was small business. We are a Black and Female owned family business, we go out of our way to support small business in the cannabis space and beyond, and we believe what goes around comes around. So when you’re deciding who to give your business to, think small, think local, think Village Bloomery!

How does weed delivery work?

Vancouver weed deliveries leave our shop three times per day at 11:30am, 3pm and 7pm. Weed deliveries to all other areas will leave our shop, twice per day, at 11:30am and 7pm.

Located in the Waterfall Building (near Granville Island) we’re centrally located and can serve all of Vancouver with a Free Weed Delivery service. Very soon our second location will be opening at 2139 East Hastings, and we’ll use this location to provide a even better weed delivery service to certain areas.

Checkout our weed delivery zones (and minimum order amounts) map below or go to our Delivery Page to learn more about how we take care of your delivery needs.

You can also call us at 778-379-6008 for weed deliveries that fall outside of our service area, if you’d like to order below our minimums, or if you have special requests for delivery.

We hope this new service helps and we look forward to bringing your next cannabis order to your door!

Shop Now! – and get started on your next delivery order.