Nostalgia has me feeling nostalgic

This is a Beautiful CBD flower. CBD Nostalgia.

The Lofi Nostalgia reminds me of some of the CBD cultivars we used to sell pre regulation. Its got a big nose. It smells like Juicy fruit to me. It’s kinda sticky and the trim has “Hippie” vibes which I like. I forgot to take a photo of the grind but it was really nice & it was super easy to roll.

cbd nostalgia

This is terp heavy & I found the flavour peppery. It made my nose tickle so I slowed down on the inhale and then I was able to get the sweeter notes.

Overall I think its a really nice flower.  I’d definitely call it Craft Hemp. It’s a flower I’ll enjoy on it’s own and it is the perfect product for me to create a weed cocktail! A weed cocktail can be made by mixing flowers that are complimentary flavour wise and or effect wise. They can also be done with balancing out the THC in mind. In our house a 2:1 ratio THC to CBD is a favourite.

I took it for a burn test and it has a nice salt and pepper ash.

The packaging is nice from a visual perspective and I dig that its compact. The bag needs a gusset because the buds were a little squished. I shared that feedback with the producers and they let me know that their original plan was and still is to use a gusseted bag. This bag was a last resort due to drama on the back end of packaging supply! The next round promises to come in a gusseted bag.