#TryitTuesday CBD infused Coconut Oil

CBD infused Coconut Oil

So it was #TryitTuesday yesterday and while I meant to get this up yesterday it just didn’t happen. So here we are… a day late but good all the same! Today’s #TryitTuesday is all about making CBD infused Coconut Oil.

This was a really easy DIY. With a little math and some simple tools I was able to infuse 1000 mg of CBD Isolate into a quarter cup of Coconut oil. I wasn’t able to order the coconut oil in the Village Bloomery store but I was able to get the Isolate sorted using the Village Bloomery online shop.

I’ll go straight to the recipe because if you are like me you HATE reading the whole wordy blog just to get to the details.


  • Coconut oil
  • CBD Isolate (different than distillate. Read below for more) I used RAD CBD Isolate


  • Glass Jar
  • Measuring cup or measuring spoons
  • Silicone spatula
  • Small pot or double boiler

The Process:

It is pretty straight forward. You want to measure out 1/4 cup of coconut oil  into a small glass jar. Add the entire container of CBD Isolate into the jar and if the oil is soft enough give it a stir. NOTE: if you don’t have cups use 4 full tablespoons as there are 16 Tablespoons in a full cup.  Make sure to place the lid on the jar and affix it tightly…this will come in handy later on.

Fill a small pot with enough water to cover 1/4 of the glass jar. Ideally you have a double boiler.  I don’t have one so I just placed a small dish in the bottom of the pot so that my jar wasn’t sitting directly on the hot metal. I did this to avoid cracking the jar in the event that I let the water come to a boil. That’s the point…you don’t want to bring it to a boil, you want it to be on a constant simmer. Once you see that the butter has turned to oil you can pick the jar up and give it a shake to make sure all of the isolate is dispersing through the liquid. Once you have a totally clear liquid free of any lumps or clumps you have succeeded in infusing your oil!

The Math:

The CBD isolate is 1000 mg (give or take a mg) you will need to do some math to decide on  on how potent you want your butter. 1 cup of butter is equivalent to 250 ml. It isn’t exact but Millilitres are very close to Milligrams so in order to keep the math simple I accept them as equals. If I were to use a full cup of butter/oil I would divide 1000 mg by 250 ml. This would give me 4 mg per ml. If a Teaspoon is 5ml I would get 20 mg of CBD per tsp. In this case I wanted it to be stronger because I like to use it in baking and as a topical so more potent is better for me. My goal was 40 mg per teaspoon so I  reduced the amount of butter to 1/2 cup. A 1/2 cup is equal to 125 ml. Divide 1000 by 125 and you get 8.

That is 8mg per 1 ml. This means 1 tsp (5ml) is 40 mg.

I get a little wavy when I have to do this kind of math. It is because I don’t trust myself with numbers yet. That said I have the support of mathy folks and I can assure you that this math works!

Here is a little Cannabis 101 on CBD Isolate vs CBD Distillate:

CBD Isolate is the “purest” form of CBD. I put that in quotes because I don’t want to suggest that in its purity it is somehow better than it could be if it was less pure. Rather I prefer the broad spectrum CBD products, because I lean towards a whole plant philosophy with all plant based products. That said, Isolated CBD is CBD and nothing but the CBD. CBD distillate is created by distilling the cannabinoids found in the plant, and in the case of a CBD flower, you will get an extract that is predominantly CBD (approx 75% generally speaking). You will also see trace amounts of CBN, CBG, THC etc… The Distillate will be in oil form while the Isolate is usually in a powdered form. You will see vape pens that use Isolate and those will have a carrier oil. Meanwhile a distillate vape pen can often get away with the pure oil.

Happy #TryitTuesday!