A fun collection of rolling tools.

Why we want you to roll a joint.

Why learn to roll?

Rolling a joint can be a bit like origami in that a well rolled one is a work of art. Whether you prefer a cone or a barrel, a “pinner” or a “fatty”, the pride one can feel by perfecting the roll is immense. It can also be a way to create some ritual in your life. Rolling a joint can be done on the run or it can be done with intention and it is in the latter where we think the skill set is honed that allows for an on the run roll!

To roll you will want to set yourself up with tools. We will do a deeper dive into each of these tools in the next few weeks so that you can get a better sense of what your approach might be. We’ll also follow up with a rolling tutorial for getting fancy with the rolls! 

Rolling Station
A fun collection of rolling tools.

Tools of the Trade

  1. Rolling papers are a must. We produce Village Bloomery branded unbleached hemp rolling papers in both Kingsize and 1 1/4″. The latter is the standard size but for beginners we suggest using the Kingsize until you get the hang of it. More surface area allows for less spillage etc.
  2. Tips (also called a crutch) can be pre made and or made on the spot using anything from a pre-cut template to a business card! The rolling papers we produce also come with tips that have a perforated folding pattern at one end to help with the roll.
  3. You will want a tray to keep your flower from getting all over the place. Some of our favourite rolling trays are from Ikea! While not designed for rolling specifically the small sandwich trays and or accessory trays found at Ikea are accessible and stylish.
  4. A grinder of some sort or scissors is key. We sell both! We have a great grinder selection with something for every budget. 
  5. A poker can be a very useful tool. The poker can be a pen, it can be a specially designed tool or it can be the pull out from the clipper lighter! 

For some whose dexterity is limited a rolling machine can make for a more enjoyable experience. Our favourite is the OHAI thumb roller rolling machine because it’s cute!

The How and Why

Generally rolling your own requires that you start with an intact bud of flower although pre milled flower is quickly gaining speed in the marketplace. The plus side of grinding your own is you will have a stronger terpene profile release itself as terpenes quickly off gas once the flower is ground. You will also get to see how the flower “busts up”. Busting up relates to how the flower presents itself after the grind. Some will produce more material than others. Those that produce a fluffy airy product are said to “bust up big” while a flower that produces a sticky and dense product is called just that…a dense grind.

Rolling your own mandates that you touch the flower. This allows you to get a sense of how it feels. Is it sticky or dusty? Is it course or fine? Does it hold its shape when you pinch it or does it fall apart? All of these things matter. They matter in that you will have a preference based on your own experience. Some struggle with the sticky flower while others can’t seem to contain the dryer grind. When you roll your own you can determine the size of the roll. Is this a joint that you want to nurse all day or is it a quick dog walker? When you roll your own you can roll one or you can go into production mode and roll for the month!

The convenience of a pre roll is not lost on those of us at the Village but in the interest of building relationships and staying curious we want to see your handy work! Tag us on IG with your rolling journey!