Weekly Cannabis Update

This was a fast paced week and we received some interesting products in our shipment…probably too many to mention in this post so for sake of ease we’ll focus on the Edible and Flower based products. If you are more interested in the oils and vapes do give us a visit. We can fill you in on what is new either in person or take a look at our online menu for our current offerings.


Aurora infused Peppermint Chillers
Each shareable pack includes 5 evenly dosed 2 mg THC mints, for an inhalation-free, smell-free, convenient experience.

Chew if you’d like or dissolve an A-shaped mint in your mouth for a faster onset time. Every mint is infused with cannabis extract using CO2 technologies. Aurora Drift’s extraction process creates whole plant THC resin from sativa-dominant plants, preserving the plant’s original cannabinoids and terpenes. The resin is evenly distributed throughout the mint mixture for an accurate and consistent 2 mg of THC per mint every time. Where will you drift to today?

Going Places

Taste : Peppermint

Ingredients : Sorbitol, Peppermint MCT Oil, Peppermint MCT Powder, Magnesium Stearate, Fumed Silica, Acesulfame, Potassium, Sucralose, Brilliant Blue FCF.

Produced in : Alberta by Drift

5 mints with 2mg of THC each

10 mg THC • hybrid


Indica-dominant, grape-flavoured gummies, infused with high-quality cannabinoid extract. Each shareable pack contains 10mg of THC, with four individual gummies containing 2.5mg of THC each. Contains gelatin.

Daily Practice

Taste : Grape

Vegan : No


Produced in : Alberta by Drift

4 gummies with 2.5mg THC each

10 mg THC • indica



BC Creek Congo by Simply Bare

Whole flower, FVOPA Organic Certified and teeming with exotic mystique. Creek Congo is a sativa-dominant hybrid rumoured to be derived from genetics in Africa and then perfected in Robert’s Creek on the Sunshine Coast, BC. Her abundance of red pistils and medium-density flowers offer a spicy sandalwood aroma and a natural pink glow. Grown in living soil, hang-dried for 14 days and cold cured. This is single strain, whole bud, milled to perfection and rolled with 100% organic hemp papers, finished by hand.

Going Places

Aroma : Spicy, aromatic sandalwood aroma

Maiden Name : Roberts Creek Congo based on Roberts Creek from Sunshine Coast.  The Roberts was dropped due to it being the name of the first European settler in the area, William Roberts.

Lineage : Derived from landrace genetics in Africa and then perfected in Robert’s Creek on the Sunshine Coast.

Grow Intel : Hand-in-hand with nature every step of the process, starting with living soil which is made with 100% organic inputs including Douglas Fir bark, kelp, and fish meal found right here on the B.C. Coast.

Accolades : FVOPA Organic Certified

Type of Paper : 100% Organic Hemp

Package Date : August 4, 2020

Produced in : BC

Terpenes : Nerolidol, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Terpinolene

18% THC :1% CBD 

3 x .5 gram units



Gelato by Gage


21% THC • indica


Gelato is an exclusive pheno hunted hybrid strain from the Cookie Family and Sherbinski lineage. This strain gets its name from the fruity, dessert-like aroma, a common genetic thread from the Cookie family. Her buds tend to bloom in dark purple hues illuminated by fiery orange hairs and a shining white coat of crystal resin.

Daily Practice

Aroma : Fruity, dessert-like aroma with peppery, citrus notes paired with a hoppy pungency

Lineage : Cookie Fam X Sherbinski

Grow Intel : Indoor, Hand Harvested

Package Date : July 14, 2020

Produced in : Ontario

Green Crush by 48th North


19% THC • sativa


High-THC strain with tangy, fruity taste and hint of vanilla. This frosty, deep green flower is sativa-dominant. Just like your morning coffee…minus the caffeine rush, Green Crush will perk up your taste buds with its tangy, fruity taste and hint of vanilla. This frosty, deep green flower is 100% sativa, which means a busy day is not far behind. Good with: getting through your to-do list.

Easy on the Pocket Book

Taste : Tangy, fruity taste and hint of vanilla

Maiden Name : Green Crack

Package Date : June 18, 2020

Produced in : Ontario

Terpenes : D-limonene, Beta-caryophyllene, Beta-pinene, Nerolidol

Think Fast by Benchmark


22% THC • sativa


Think Fast is a high-THC sativa-dominant strain Fast is a unique combination

of Think Different with Power Plant.   It is known to have thick buds overflowing with resin. Dominant terpenes of myrcene, humulene, and caryophy-llene give this strain distinct notes of melon and florals flavours.

Easy on the Pocket Book, Daily Practice, Going Places

Aroma : Distinct notes of spice, citrus and fruity flavours.

Taste : Pine, Pungent, Earthy, Spicy

Lineage : Think Different X Power Plant

Grow Intel : Indoor, Hand Harvested

Package Date : July 28, 2020

Produced in : BC

Terpenes : Myrcene, humulene, and caryophy-llene.