#TryitTuesday Wana Quick Orchard Peach review


Last week’s #Tryittuesday had me feeling quite surprised. I had a preconceived idea of how edibles made with distillate made me feel. The 1:1 THC:CBG Rise & Shine Clementines had me feeling much of what I feel when I smoke a joint! I wondered if it was the CBG so this week’s #Tryittuesday is a Wana Quick Orchard Peach “sativa” chew without the CBG. Here’s my take.

  1. It is delicious. I love the peach flavour…not to sweet and just tart enough.
  2. I like the texture. Some chews lean towards the wine gum texture while others are more jelly like. This one sits right in the middle (like all Wana chews do) and I like that.
  3. The Orchard Peach gets its “Sativa” from botanical terpenes as opposed to Cannabis derived terpenes.
  4. The quick formulation allows the THC to take effect quicker than a traditional edible might. In my case it takes between 20-30 minutes where as a traditional edible takes aroundĀ  2 hours to set it.
  5. For me the “sativa” nature is evident. It was less physically energizing for me than the Rise & Shine Clementine but the trade off was that it was more mentally stimulating. I felt drawn to the administrative work I needed to do and I enjoyed an hour + of focused computer time. I then had the mental energy to begin reaching out to my industry peers to begin strategizing around how we might navigate some key challenges we are facing in the Cannabis economy- specifically distribution. Suffice it to say this topic requires a clear head, logic and creativity. My experience with edibles to date has been that I feel calm, maybe sleepy and not focused. I’m happy to say that these last two experiences have shown me something different.
  6. The come down was easy. Like coffee, sugar or other stimulants the “high” can be followed by a low. For meĀ  “Sativas” (aka cultivars that contain energizing terpenes) can deliver an experience that can be described as a stimulating and in some cases that rise will be accompanied by a come down that has me feeling sleepy. That can be a good thing if the timing is right but should the adventure be midday a sleep response might not ideal. In the case of both chews the energizing feeling slowly trailed off and I was left at my baseline.

Testing these chews has been a pleasure. I will come back to chews in the future but I’m feeling the need to try something different for my next journey. I have access to lots of products so I’m not hurting for products to try but at some point I’ll need to reach out for suggestions. If you have a product you are curious about and want to see someone else try it first let me know! I’m happy to share my experience.