#TryitTuesday does TGod Ripple

TGod Ripple 10mg

It took us Village People a minute to wrap our heads around these things.

Buy TGod Ripple online at Village Bloomery. TGOD Infusers provides the freedom to infuse any food or beverage with cannabis. Packed into individually sealed packets of precise portions of dissolvable cannabis. Convenient to carry and easy to mix, you can use Infusers with anything! Dissolves in seconds.

We brought them into the shop back when they first launched and we really couldn’t figure out how to share with others their benefits. At Village Bloomery our focus has been quality cannabis and to be honest a little pouch of white powder didn’t exactly feel like Cannabis. Fast forward and beverages have found their stride. They haven’t surpassed flower but they have found their people and their people are sharing the love so its a growing space. Distillation and isolation of cannabinoids is better understood by consumers so the language around the TGod Ripple is easier to convey. For us the TGod Ripple was just a little ahead of its time.

What we like and what we don’t like.

We like the little pouches is that they are portable, odourless and water soluble.

What we don’t like:

  • They are not full spectrum
  • There is only one pouch per pack, unless you purchase the pack that has two pouches each with 5mg of THC.

Water soluble?

The full spectrum piece might not be possible. We’re not sure if it is possible to do a water soluble full spectrum extraction. So, we’re going to let that go. The 10mg THC per package has nothing to do with TGod. That is 100% a Health Canada regulation that needs to change.

The fact that they are water soluble means that they are super versatile. The Ripple can be mixed into hot or cold beverages to, either boost an already infused beverage or to, add a little kick to a non-infused bevvy one on the go. They can be added to soups, salad dressing, ice cream, smoothies and more. The TGod Ripple pod puts the power of infusion into the hands of the people. A big statement for sure but it fits. As with all THC products its important to make sure they don’t get into the hands of a youngster. So, please do store your Ripple as far away from those who shouldn’t access them as you can.

This #TryitTuesday was an experiment in Turmeric Mylk. I (Andrea) heated up a cup of oat mylk, added 2 tsp of powdered Turmeric, 1 tsp powdered Ginger, 1/4 tsp powdered Clove, 1 pouch of 10mg THC Ripple and whisked it until it was well blended. I finish it with honey because I like it a little sweet.  For those who are living sugar free try adding a Medjoole date to the mylk before heating it up. The heat will allow the date to infuse its natural sweet goodness to the hot drink and if you want to you can even pop the whole thing into the blender so you can drink the date fibre for added health benefits.

Yummy Turmeric Mylk with a ginger cookie.

Notes: Do not let the mylk come to a boil, rather keep it at a simmer.