Try it Tuesday

Try it Tuesday I’ve decided that I need to get back out there and try new things. The cannabis space  has become a very dynamic space over the last few years what with all of the new products coming and going. It feels like its settling down a bit or maybe I’m just catching up so I’m taking advantage of that feeling and setting myself up to give some of these products a try.

We’re calling this #Tryittuesday and this will be a weekly thing.

Today’s #Tryittuesday is the Wanna Quick Rise and Shine Clementine 1:1 chew.

Wana Quick Rise and Shine Clementine 1:1
Rise and Shine Clementine 1:1 THC: CBG

While most 1:1 formats have been CBD:THC this one is a THC:CBG and that’s kinda cool.

CBG is a lesser know cannabinoid that like CBD is NOT intoxicating. It’s a compound found in the earlier part of the flowering stage of the plant and it isn’t a prolific cannabinoid although it looks to be an interesting one to scientists. Because it is found in the earlier stages it is considered the Mother cannabinoid as during the maturing of the flower the CBG seems to transform into other more bountiful Cannabinoids. I could wax on about CBG, science and extraction but that’s not why I showed up. I want to share my personal experience with the products so that you, the reader, can decide if it is something you want to explore. If you want to nerd out I suggest checking out this Leafly article.

What I found interesting about this chew is that I felt it a way that I was not expecting. My personal experience with edibles that are made with distilled THC and enhanced with botanical terpenes to date has been very predictable. I feel calm, possibly sleepy. I would not say that the edibles are terribly functional for me because generally I feel a little stoney or spacey. That can be nice but it is not my go to vibe. This particular chew was different for me. I need to qualify that I’ve not tried a Wana Quick “Sativa” chew sans CBG so I’ll need to go try one to see if I get a similar experience. Note that I’ve put “Sativa” in quotes. If you have read anything about the whole Sativa/Indica dialogue you will know that terpenes are responsible for the “feelings” you experience. To put it simply THC is the gas, CBD is the breaks and the terpenes are the steering wheel. (Not my analogy-I heard it on the grapevine and I like it) The terpenes that were used in this chew were designed to provide an energized sensation thus the name “Rise and Shine Clementine”.  That is exactly what I experienced.

Equal parts THC and CBG in a Clementine flavoured chew.

I took both of the chews as I am practiced at ingesting and I know my comfort level. 10 mg of THC is not intoxication for me but I can feel a mild sensation so I was paying close attention to whether or not the CBG made a difference. They took approximately 30 minutes to take effect which is pretty quick for an edible.  Now I can’t say it was the CBG but I can say that I felt energized. I felt like moving furniture, decorating my space, playing with crafts and I was on the chatty side of quiet. It was really enjoyable! The chews have a nice texture and are not overly sweet so that is a plus for me. I was also surprised at how gentle the come down was. I didn’t experience any fatigue or burn out which I find common with edibles. Basically this edible hit me as if I had smoked and I dig that. Smoking is my preferred method of consumption but in spaces where that is not welcome I feel like this might just be a viable option for me.

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