The Original Chill Pill

In  2015 Farbod Nael of Farbod Ceramics took a leap of faith and began creating beautifully crafted ceramic goods for cannabis consumption. One of the first pieces he created was the Chill Pill and we’re happy to say we were the first to carry the infamous creation!

The Chill Pill was immediately loved by all (in Vancouver & beyond)  and Farbod’s true ceramics career was launched! Since then he has created a plethora of beautiful cannabis accessories including some unique Chill Pill Variations like the Hard to Swallow Pill!

After a feature in and a move to Amsterdam he started to notice something. You know the saying “imitation is the best form of flattery”? Well it isn’t so flattering. The Chill Pill has been knocked off by more than one individual and to make matters worse those who are copying the product are trying to take responsibility for the design concept.
While this is a problem that many designers encounter we want to be clear around when we are selling an original design or a mass produced design. The Farbod Chill Pill we carry is the original and is produced by the one and only Farbod Nael. 
We want to do our best to support artisans to produce products with integrity and soul and while we carry mass produced product we try to balance that with artisan wares that are both accessible and innovative. If this is something you can get behind take a look at our Farbod wares and if you want to take if further visit his website and shop direct! And keep a lookout for the fakes…unless you want to own them all!