Spark Joy – for the Organizer

Marie Kondo has shot to stardom for sparking joy around the world by guiding people on how to live simpler and tidier lives by choosing items which bring them happiness while being organized.  The goal of tidying is to make room for meaningful objects and experiences.

Here the Village Bloomery chooses 5 items for you to gift to the Marie Kondo fan in your life:

Madera Walnut Rolling Tray $98

Madera Walnut Grinder by Krush Grinders $40

Canadian designed Krush grinders consistently creates quality rolling tools for reasonable prices.  The Madera Walnut rolling tray and matching grinder will bring a grounding aesthetic to your home. This rolling tray features a raised platform with recovery canals to tidily catch any lost shake – there’s a carved out piece that will fit any Krush grinder perfectly.  However, for the full Marie Kondo experience, we recommend the Madera Krush grinder.  The black walnut shell encompasses the aluminum core in this two piece grinder with a dish with a dipped ramp to easily drop your ground herb into the canoe of the joint you’re rolling.

Lighter by Clipper $2.25

village bloomery Clipper Lighters

These refillable butane lighters have been around since 1972 and are popular for weed consumption because of the flint system to pack your bud when rolling-your-own or as a tamper.  Additionally, the lighters release butane when turned upside down making it easier to light your bongs.

Multi-Tool Keyring by Pax $16.00

This handy keyring is the ideal tool to pack your Pax oven and clean it out.  For best Pax experience, it’s important to pack your herb densely, which is why this tool is fantastic.  Use the rubber to pack it tight; and, the stainless steel flat piece to remove your decarboxylated herb neatly and quickly.  Keeping your Pax consumption tidy and efficient with this multi-tool.

Leaff Wallet Essentials by Leaff $79.00

This West Coast Canadian designed wallet keeps you organized with 6 card holders, folder for bills, and 3 strong elastic loops for vape pens, pre-rolls and one-hitters.  Easy open-close with a zipper, internal pocket and scent suppression.  The exterior is a buttery soft genuine leather with a faux leather interior.

Irisa Oils

In this heavily regulated industry, Health Canada has made it difficult for consumers to read the packaging details because the maximum font size must be no bigger than the health warning lettering as this must be the largest and most imposing element on all cannabis packaging.  The dilemma occurs when a brand uses identicle packing for all the products with the THC CBD dosaging in a font so small that if you’re over a certain age it’ll prove near impossible to read it.

This is why we love Irisa oils, with four products and four different dosages, they’ve created a different colour for each item, making it easier for end-consumers and retailers to differentiate between their THC dominate (Earth 5:1) and CBD dominate (Sun 1:15) oils.  This simple colour coding will keep you organized and safe!