#tryittuesday Phat 420 Mexican Drinking Chocolate

Phat 420 Mexican Drinking Chocolate

Yes. I’m starting with yes but I have to quantify this. I like chocolate and I like spice. When I say I like spice I order my food spicy. Not extra spicy but spicy. Are you a fan of Sri Racha hot sauce? Can you enjoy Frank’s Hot sauce? If so you are in my league. I like dark chocolate, the darker the better. I often enjoy a piece of 90% or even 100% black chocolate so I was not expecting to like this Phat 420 Mexican Drinking Chocolate beverage. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t dark chocolate but it is high quality semi sweet chocolate and the spice factor levels out the sweet for me.

Phat 420 Mexican Drinking ChocolateI had to try this drinking chocolate in advance of adding it to our holiday collection because I was slightly traumatized by the representation of the beverage on the BC Cannabis website. First off the photos of this luxurious drink are often featured with mini marshmallows and or blue whipped cream neither of which are appealing to me. Second, the recipe suggests making the drink in the microwave and I’m just too much of a chocolate snob to do that to chocolate so I had to do it my way in a small saucepan. Either way works.

Pouring Phat 420 Mexican Drinking Chocolate

The Results

The results are wonderful in my not so humble opinion. It is thick, and rich, and very unlike hot chocolate. It’s closer to drinking chocolate sauce than it is a cup of hot chocolate from dry mix. The makers of this drink use the phrase “drinking chocolate” rather than hot chocolate or hot cocoa, because what they make is a concoction  using whole cocoa beans, and not cocoa powder. This beverage is quite popular in Europe and is a fan favourite at the many Christmas Markets.

Phat 420 Mexican Drinking Chocolate PackagingEach package is infused with 10mg THC so for someone like me I suggest splitting this delicious brew into two demitasse (small coffee cups) and adding a T-God Ripple if you a little more kick. Alternatively, if you find this beverage too rich I’m sure adding some more hot mylk/milk wouldn’t kill the vibe.


The last bit of goodness is that the mix is Vegan friendly so you can add any milk you like. I used oat mylk and I was very happy with the results.

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