How to talk to your Vet about cannabis for your pet

Vets like most doctors are eager to learn about products that can benefit their patients. If you are interested in looking at CBD for your pet its best to go to your Vet with some information and allow them time to process it.

There are peer reviewed studies that are in existence that you can employ to do just this.

The idea is that you 1) find a study that shines light on your particular area of interest and print it out for your Vet to consider and 2) Ask them to review the findings so that you can come back to the issue at your next visit.

While it can be frustrating to have a pet with a condition that is impacting their quality of life it is best to move forward with the support of your practitioner. This means giving them the opportunity to study the issue for themselves so that they can process the information on their own time and be open to an exchange of information and ideas moving forward.