House- For People With Space

For the lucky few who live in single family dwellings on private property, we encourage you to take full advantage of this by growing the four plants legally permitted in BC under the Cannabis Act and to freely puff away, heck, take a bong hit and encourage that smoke to billow without fear of neighbours ratting you out.

For our friends who live in houses, these are the 6 items we recommend:


Crystal & Walnut Wood Ashtray by Marley $74

Simply put, this ashtray is stunning.  It’s crafted from sustainable Black Walnut wood and clear crystal.  This substantial piece has presence reminiscent of a bygone booming era where the weight and flash of the crystal is balanced handsomely by the wood rim.  This ashtray comes with a metal poker for removal of ashes and a felt lined base to protect surfaces from scratching.   This piece is a beautiful addition to the connoisseur’s coffee table collection.


2.55″ H x 4.21″ L x 4.21″ W


Farbod Volcano Bong $165

These blue Volcano bongs are limited-edition created for the Village Bloomery by Farbod Ceramics. Now based in Amsterdam, they were once students at Emily Carr and regulars from our legacy days.  These bongs have food safe glaze, and are even glazed inside for easy clean up.

Each piece is hand-sculpted, hand painted and one of a kind, expect variations.

20cm tall and 10cm base


Grow Your Own By Graf, Sherman, Stein & Crain $32.35

If you live in a single dwelling on private property, then you’re one of fortunate people who don’t need to obey by condo by-laws; you can legally consume in your home and grow up to four plants legally!

Whether you’re new to cannabis and need to walk through the basics, or you’re an experienced grower looking to hone your techniques, Grow Your Own provides all the background and instruction you need to set up a grow space, raise your plants, and harvest your buds.

It’ll teach you how to choose a strain based on its flavors and effects, how to manage insects carve an apple pipe and how bake a delicious batch of pot brownies.


Mucho Rolling Papers $6

Save the planet in style with these strong for rolling and smooth for smoking vegan, non-GMO rolling papers from Mexico City.  You’ll instantly be seduced by the holographic charm.  Mucho created their high-quality papers to enrich the stoner and the planet with NON-GMO, FSC, SGS and TFC certificates.  Certifying the hemp is grown according to the criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC); which includes management measures on a sustainable environment in the ecological, social and economic aspects.  Peace out with these natural hemp rolling papers with Arabic gum guaranteed to be free of chemicals and acids that are typically used to whiten our papers.


The Union by Hemson $40

If you’ve been a cannabis consumer for more than a decade, then these tools paired together will trigger fond memories of prepping your dry herb before the plethora of grinders flooded the market.  Kick it old school with this glass that features an easy grip ridge, thick heavy-weight glass and rounded floor for effective snipping with these stylish scissors.  Hemson is a Canadian company making tools of tradition that evoke nostalgia.


Quarter of Gabriola by Broken Coast

Challenging to get in-store, and we’re thrilled to be fully stocked in several cultivars; including, Savary, Stryker, Saturna, Quadra, Galiano and Gabriola.

Broken Coast are cultivators not capitalists with deep BC roots.

Grown on Vancouver Island, this small batch LP grows indoors with laboratory-grade smaller grow rooms.  They hand-trim and slow cure all their products.  We don’t know when the next harvest is so we recommend stocking up on this BC bud.

Frost Monster is the Maiden Name of Gabriola with a THC content of 16%.