Gifts for the Apartment Dweller

Vancouver is one of the most densely populated cities in North America.  In 2016, a total of 62% of the 283,916 total occupied dwelling units in the City of Vancouver were apartments And, many multi-dwelling units have passed strict regulations on the consumption of cannabis in your own home.  This is why the Village Bloomery has stocked our shelves for apartment dwellers to enrich your cannabis experience while keeping it hush-hush from your neighbours.

Here are 7 items to gift to someone who lives in an apartment:

1. The Parlour by Hemson $39

This glass dish is a stylish addition to the communal tables in your home.  Use this piece as a candy dish, catch-all or ashtray.  Canadian designed by Hemson in Ontario bringing quality crafted tools to enhance life experience while building on traditions.

2. Gossamer Magazine $20

For people who also smoke weed. Gossamer looks at the world—travel, design, art, culture and food—through a green lens. They tell stories that channel the mindset of someone having their best high: interviews, features, photo essays, recommendations and more that will pique your curiosity, make you laugh, change your perspective or just give you something to do on a slow, stoned Sunday.

3. Veil Spray $36.90

Stay on the low with this 8oz spray formulated to eliminate the cannabis smoke odour.  Featuring a non-toxic and eco-friendly fragrance with notes of sweet orange, cracked black pepper and Virginia Cedar.  This high-minded odour eliminator is sure to work so you’re not fined by your Strata when you take a puff indoors during these cold winter months.

Formulated to v. Fragranced with notes of sweet orange, cracked black pepper, and Virginia Cedar working in perfect harmony.

4. Gems 5:0 by Redecan

Living in tight quarters with your neighbours with restrictive Strata rules make it challenging to get high by sparking a joint or taking a bong hit.  Consuming oils is a discreet way to enjoy the THC without divulging to snoopy neighbours your habits.

Gems 5:0 come in a bottle with 15 capsules each delivering a measured dosage of 5mg THC blend that contains MCT oil.  Consuming cannabis as an edible will take longer to hit, so be patient while you wait for your high.  The best part of these is the price point – these are our most affordable gel caps!

5. Farbod Cactus Pipe

This porcelain pipe with 24K pure gold lustre details is made to order and individually sculpted.  These pipes provide a smoking experience with fantastic ergonomics in your hand and beautiful aesthetics.  Each piece is made using highest quality Dutch Royal porcelain and glazed with Non-toxic, lead free and food safe glazes.

Farbod Ceramics is a Zero emission micro batch production based in the heart of Amsterdam. They offer original, well designed and ethically made ceramics using the highest quality materials.

6. Liv Grinder by F8 $130

This grinder is a functional piece of art for those who enjoy a good grind.  It’s molded out of 100% solid brass and feels like a mini-kettle bell weighing over 2 pounds – it’s possible to do deadlifts with it, use it as a muscle building tool and grind a couple of grams for when you wanna roll them big.  It’s designed and made in Canada by the same team leading female-focussed licensed producer, 48th North.