What is a good cannabis portion for a first time user?

First off  if possible we suggest that you read the packaging on your products carefully!

Everyone is different and each consumption modality has its own set of issues to navigate. The adage to start low and go slow is sage advice. If you are smoking rolled cannabis for the first time its a good idea to be sitting down. It is also a good idea to have a glass of water handy and possibly a breath mint. Lastly we think it is a good idea to have a friend nearby so if you cough, or feel light headed you have support!

A good practice is to start with one pull and to wait 15 minutes before you decide you want another. For some a single pull may produce very little to no effect while for others it might be exactly the right amount! Things like potency, terpene profile, moisture content in the flower and how it was rolled will all play into how the joint is experienced so each time you try a new strain or a new product line from a producer we suggest you go back to square one until you’ve ascertained for yourself the amount that works best for you.

With tinctures we suggest the same start low and go slow method. Start with a single drop and slowly increase the amount over a period of days until you discern the serving size that you enjoy.

Lastly with capsules we suggest that you go for the lowest potency available for a first time experience. Capsules can take up to 2 hours to take effect and even longer in some cases so it’s important that you do not take a second serving until you have determined that the lowest potency is ineffective. Ingesting cannabis can produce effects that are long lasting so it’s a good idea to be in a space where you feel comfortable and have snacks and hydration nearby.

After all is said and done if for any reason you don’t feel good know this 1) The feeling will pass. Cannabis is nontoxic and you will not experience life altering effects with a single dose of low potency cannabis. 2) It is ok to go to the hospital to ask for help. Cannabis is legal in Canada and if you feel worried about how you will pull through you need to feel free to ask for help.  Over consumption of cannabis can be very uncomfortable so paying attention to serving size is really important…it is the difference between feeling joyful or feeling overwhelmed and we are committed to #passingthejoy