I don’t want to smoke cannabis is there an alternative?

Yes, There are lots of ways to consume cannabis including topical absorption, vaporization, ingestion and beyond.

  1. Topical absorbtion presents the lowest opportunity to experience euphoria -what others call the “high”- and there are studies that are ongoing on what the benefits of topical creams and oils might offer a consumer. State legal topical products have been on the US market for quite a while and they are very popular. Topical products are becoming more and more available in the Canadian regulated market so do take a look at our online menu to explore the options.
  2. Vaporization acts much like smoking in terms of the euphoria you might experience however there are a few marked differences. We’d be happy to paraphrase Green Flower but they’ve done such a good job at breaking it down and we’d hate to butcher their work. Here is how Green Flower breaks it down.
  3. Ingestion can be achieved either through a tincture or through an edible source. Ingestion simply means that you access the cannabinoids through swallowing and thus absorbing. The challenge with ingestion is that it can take a while to figure out the amount that best serves you. Tinctures can be really good because you can start with one single drop at a time where as edible goods are more challenging. If you are going to explore with edible goods you can rest assured that regulated edible products  have accurate potency information and are designed for people with lower THC tolerances.  Eating cannabis infused products is not dangerous generally speaking but it can be terribly uncomfortable if you’ve over consumed. Trust us on this one. Beverages, chocolates, mints and gummies are all in high demand as many people are looking at either reducing the amount that they smoke or just looking to integrate more modes of consumption.
  4. Beyond-that’s where innovation comes into play. Suppositories, inhalers, cosmetics and bath products are all in the works. There is no shortage of creativity in the Cannabis space…give it a little time and move forward with intention. We want all of your cannabis experiences to be good experiences.