Backcountry- For the Outdoor enthusiast

Vancouver is located between the ocean and mountains.  Vancouverites and tourists love gearing up for backcountry adventures.  It’s natural to seek cannabis tools for those seeking thrilling adventures in the harshest of conditions.  Whether you’re climbing a glacier or on a sailing adventure, these tools are the perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life.


Village Arc Lighter  $20

This is a plasma lighter which means it’s electronic and USB rechargeable so the lighter it’s both eco-friendly and it can be used for years.  These are storm resistant making it the perfect lighting tool on your outdoor adventures even in unstable weather conditions.


The Broker Case by Revelry $39.00

Revelry is designed by a crew of surfers, skaters and artists in Santa Cruz who love to have fun at the beach and in the mountains.  This rubber-backed canvas stash kit is a secure, single pocket bag with a carbon filter system, protective lining, water resistant and lockable zipper closure.  This slim piece measures 11”x6” and will slide easily into your backpack for your outdoor adventures.  To release all absorbed orders, simply place in the dryer for a few minutes.


Spliff Shot Case $20

Each Spliff Shot is constructed from a pair of brass hunting rifle casings collected in BC.  Re-purposing these casings prevents them from being reloaded as live cartridges, avoids using energy needed to recycle the brass and lowers the chance of them becoming metal waste.  Each Spliff Shot is a water-resistant, odourless, lightweight storage cylinder which holds a single joint or one-hitter.    The pressure-sealed Spliff Shot can snuff out the lit cherry concealing the residual smoke & strong odour until the next session.   Brass is inherently antimicrobial and will naturally patina with use making your Spliff Shot more distinctive over time.

For good measure a percentage of the profits will support the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

3.5” x ½”

Canadian Lumber Rolling Papers $2.99

who rolled logs.  Choose from: The Greens, a 13g 100% pure hemp paper; or, The Hippy, a 13g 50/50 flaxseed and hemp paper.  Both products are made with 100% all natural Arabic gum which comes from sap that is water soluble and edible.

These papers were an honoured finalist in Top Rolling Papers and Cones at the 2019 Lift Cannabis Awards.


Quiver Bong $239

This full Titanium water bong was designed with function top of mind inspired by the hardy Alaskan lifestyle of harshest elements and mountain camping.  Created in a classic beaker shape with a fixed downstream with offset drill holes at the bottom for simple filtration.  Each Quiver bong comes with a rubber utility ring and heat band.  This little bong is mighty strong being the perfect way to light up your backcountry trips or cycling to the beach with friends.


Serratus by Tantalus


This is BC sun grown weed by Tantalus Labs.  This brand is named after a subrange of Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in Southern BC called the Tantalus Range.  Serratus is an Indica leaning cultivar featuring chunky clusters mimicking the jagged features of the Serratus mountains in the parent range of Tantalus Mountains – hence the name.  The terpenes in this high THC strain features a combination of woody, earth notes perfect for your outdoor adventures! Available pre-rolled or in low profile jars.