#TryitTuesday is all about Weed & Roses

All about Weed & Roses

Weed & RosesMy #TryitTuesday this week is all about Weed & Roses and is influenced by the fact that I’ve decided to take a week or so off of TV in the evenings. I have creative endeavours that I want to get into and I have creative work related tasks to get on top of as well.

Herbal Goods Co.

Enter the Herbal Goods Co. Rose Petal Cones. I was given some a while back and was asked to review and consider. Pre rolled cones have been around for a while. They come in printed papers, in bright colours, with decorative tips and in your classic unbleached hemp. They make rolling cones a breeze if you have the right tools and they can add a bit of glam to your smoking session.

Some of our favourites include a classic raw unbleached Hemp cones, the Beautiful Burns are fun and then there are the Herbal Goods Cones. A while back we fell in love with the first of their collection, a sustainably wild harvested and hand rolled ebony leaf cone and have been champions of their down to earth “Bougie” vibe.

Ebony Leaf

The Ebony leaf adds a little smoke and spice to the smoking experience. For me I relate that experience as the smoke version of Mescal.  It pairs well the Simply Bare Organics Blue Dream and I don’t think I’m alone in that opinion because Simply Bare and Herbal Goods Co. did a small collaboration a while back!

The Ebony leaves are  hand foraged from the jungles of Bengal, they are sun-dried for two weeks in preparation for the rolling process and each cone is rolled and tied by hand.

Herbal Goods Co. is a small and independent Vancouver based business. The success of their ebony leaf cone inspired them to respond to a demand that is quickly growing…the rose cone.

It is a cone made out of actual rose petals that were hand picked from rose bushes grown in organic soil and nourished by the sun. This is no doubt a labour of love because the process includes a curing process and each roll is glue free and hand tied, the filters made of coconut husk. 

Rose Cone

All about Weed & Roses The Rose cones burn slow. At first I was concerned that the burn was too slow but after I  slowed down I was able to sit back and enjoy the process. The roses add a tart floral vibe to the smoke so I suggest paring them with fruity, citrusy and or minty flowers, I paired with my trusty Simply Bare Blue Dream and it’s a fit. Like the Ebony leaf cone the rose cones come packaged 5 cones to a pack. Each pack is fully compostable and contains 5 flat bottom glass tubes with a cork so that you can either gift singles to your friends or take a solo cone out on the town! The glass tube and cork system really helps to keep the “weed” smell at bay.

Try Weed & Roses for yourself!

Don’t be surprised if you see them on our menu!

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