Marley Natural

Marley Natural | Walnut | Holder

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The Marley Natural Holder for Taster or Pre-Roll conveniently fits in your pocket and is designed to minimize odor while protecting your pre-roll from damage. The exterior is crafted from beautiful and reliable heartwood. This case is ideal for storage and portability.

Intelligently designed interior

Sustainably-grown American Black Walnut Wood

Sized to fit Marley Natural Taster and pre-roll (sold separately)

Dimensions: 3.5” L X 1” W, Inside diameter 0.5”

About the Brand


Bob believed that a healthy, sustainable relationship with nature not only benefits us as individuals, but also is essential for global well-being and happiness. In how our products are cultivated, packaged and distributed we are mindful of our environmental footprint and how we protect our environment for future generations.


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