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Peach Lemonade

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A refreshing 10 mg THC beverage, our Peach Lemonade is made with a natural white peach flavour. The bottle comes with a resealable lid allowing you to control how much you consume. Serve Chilled. Non-carbonated.



About the Brand


At A1 Cannabis, they believe in offering approachable brands with innovative liquids. Too many cannabis products are difficult to understand and do not appeal to new and potential consumers of cannabis. Their portfolio of products will offer low dose, customizable formats to ensure consumers can have the best experience possible.

A1 has partnered with one of the best Licensed Producers in the country, The Valens Company. They have the highest of quality production standards and produce our drinks in a EU GMP certified facility. They excel in refinement of cannabis from dried flower into cannabis extracts for A1 beverages, and have a proprietary emulsion technology SoRSE. SoRSE is the technology that allows A1 cannabis drinks to be water soluble, have no cannabis taste or smell with a shelf life of over a year.


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