Pipe | Cactus 24k Gold & White

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This porcelain pipe with 24K pure gold lustre details is made to order and individually sculpted. These pipes provide a smoking experience with fantastic ergonomics in your hand and beautiful aesthetics. Each piece is made using highest quality Dutch Royal porcelain and glazed with Non-toxic, lead free and food safe glazes.

Farbod Ceramics is a Zero emission micro batch production based in the heart of Amsterdam. They offer original, well designed and ethically made ceramics using the highest quality materials.

We live in a mass produced culture and Farbod finds joy in creating unique handmade pieces

The Village Bloomery first met Farbod when they were students at Emily Carr near our location. They’ve returned to the Netherlands and have grown their collection significantly..

Farbod Ceramics is inspired by contemporary spaces and discovering what we can add to make them better. We like simple clean designs with an element of surprise!


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