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Becoming a member of the Village!

Step 1: Print and sign both the Membership Application Checklist and the Code Of Conduct forms.

Step 2: Upload the signed documents plus your ID in our online application form (or you can bring them with you during your next visit to our shop).

What do you need?

If you have your ACMPR, a prescription for cannabis from your doctor, membership at another CAMCD dispensary, or a Confirmation of diagnosis (COD)What is a Confirmation of Diagnosis?A confirmation of diagnosis is a document confirming that you are treating something that cannabis is beneficial for. Acceptable documents include.

1. A note from an MD, Naturopath, TCM, Psychiatrist, or Nurse Practitioner, confirming your condition.
2. ACMPR, MMPR or MMAR documents.
3. A current prescription for Cannabis from an MD or licensed medical practitioner.

If none of these apply, call us to discuss your options. 778-379-6008
you've got what you need for membership. Next, contact us or drop in to the shop. When you get here, you won't see our signs from the street. Walk past the waterfall into the courtyard... you'll find us to the right of the gallery.

International Visitors

If you have medical access in your country, you are welcome at the Village.


Membership Application

Ready? Simply fill out the form below, and upload your COD document.

Upload your signed Membership Application Checklist, Code of Conduct, Physician Statement and Government ID's here:

What our members are saying

“Definitely Vancouver’s best dispensary. Jeremy and Mike are very knowledgeable and friendly. The atmosphere in the shop and cafe is warm and welcoming, and everything about the business is very professional and tidy. These guys are now my go-to source for quality product, friendly service, and fair pricing. I can’t recommend The Village Cafe + Dispensary enough.”

Paul from Vancouver

“The Village Dispensary was and continues to be instrumental in aiding my mother with the painful symptoms associated with brain and bone cancer. Many thanks to this great establishment and helpful staff!”

Evex from Vancouver

Call us at (778) 379-6008

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