Green Jay

Green Jay|Single |Doob Tube

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Durable, discreet, and reusable joint protection tube. Carry your pre-roll in style and protect it from the elements.

CHILD RESISTANT – The child resistant feature keeps unwanted visitors from finding what is inside.

DURABLE – Made of high-grade aluminum for a new class of joint protection

DISCREET – Very discreet design and odor reduction for total discreet portability and storage

AIRTIGHT – Keeps the freshness in while reducing unwanted odors from escaping

WATER RESISTANT – Rain or shine, your joint will be dry for the next time you need it

SECURE – Our security push-and-turn cap prevents unwanted people from opening it

NO MESS- Green Jay’s joint holder securely holds your pre-roll snugly inside the cap keeping it clean and safe


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