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Five hybrid seeds. CBD Rene is an award-winning combination of flavour and high CBD. GGF crossed the René, a famous strain from Montreal (Himalyan indica x Skunk#1), with the Cannatonic (Resin Seeds CBD Queen) to produce a CBD-rich strain. René’s legendary berry smell, licorice flavour, and perfect popcorn buds shine through, while the Cannatonic delivers potent CBD at a 1:1 ratio. Please note that this package contains five seeds, but only four non-medical cannabis plants can be grown per household in BC. BC Cannabis Wholesale sell cannabis seeds which are intended to produce cannabis flowers or bud. BC Cannabis Wholesale does not guarantee successful cultivation or plant gender. In accordance with BC Cannabis Wholesale’s Returns Policy, cannabis seeds which are unsuccessfully cultivated will not be eligible for a return on the basis that they are “defective”.


Clear Mind

About the Brand


Great Gardener Farms believes that cannabis is a sacred gift.

The expansive power of cannabis has been celebrated for millennia. They consider it a calling to extend its influence and bring their unique cultivars to the world.


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