Become a Member

Bloomers are the new Members.

See, we wanted to say “Become a Bloomer” in the Navigation Menu, but that’s confusing.

But you’re here now (yay!) and here’s our pitch:

Bloomers (Members) get free stuff and are first-in-line for the tsunami of cool things coming to The Village. Most importantly, you’re invited to all our parties. It’s like your Cobs bread card + Shoppers Drug Mart card + Burning Man had a lovechild.

To shop with us, it’s not necessary to join, but here’s what Bloomers get:

  • Awesome stuff on your birthday
  • Product sneak peaks
  • Exclusive workshops & parties
  • Opportunity to donate your points to charities we partner with
  • A built-in community of Quality People. You’ll call us by name, and we’ll call you ‘Buddy’ (kidding, we’re good with names).

So, what are you waiting for?