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The Village is located in Arthur Erickson’s iconic Waterfall Building at 1540 W 2nd Ave in Vancouver.  The walk to the shop is a little magical!  You’ll stroll past a modern waterfall, through a treed courtyard, and past a pyramid-like glass gallery.

Our light-filled shop has been carefully curated with BC’s finest craft cannabis products.  We provide books and information resources as well as lifestyle products, encouraging a balanced approach to vitality.

The Village is passionate about integrating cannabis into the mainstream as both a preventative health measure as well as a remedy for chronic conditions.

We are proud CAMCD members – in fact, one of our founders is the President of the association – and we continue to work on the political landscape to ensure Canadians have access to high-quality Canadian Cannabis products, in a community based model that supports local economies. Further, as a compassion club, we support people whose chronic conditions require cannabis therapies to gain affordable access.  To learn more about our compassionate model, send us an email, give us a call or check us out on Instagram or Facebook.

At The Village we share a few things in common:

  • a passion for cannabis
  • a desire to change the perceptions around cannabis & cannabis consumers
  • a passion for helping our members find the best outcomes
  • a desire to support members to develop a healthy relationship with this plant
  • a commitment to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle

We are all avid researchers who are genuinely interested in innovation and in keeping up with the most recent advancements in cannabis therapy… if we can’t answer your questions, we’ll find someone who can.

It’s easy to say we offer “the best cannabis” but what does that really mean? For us, it comes down to where it’s grown, how it’s grown, how it burns, smells and tastes. Many of our growers provide us with tested products and we’ll share that data with you. When you are consuming tinctures, capsules, applying topical ointments or inhaling concentrates the starting material is important. Let’s look at the criteria we’ve set in place for our flowers which are the basis of all our products.

Where it’s grown

BC is famous for its cannabis, and our British Columbia culture is rich in Cannabis history. We are proud to have built relationships with some of BC’s best organic cannabis farmers whose goal is to produce small batches of premium flowers that display diverse cannabinoid profiles and are ripe with terpenes and flavonoids.

How it’s grown

It is our philosophy that nature does it best, so we’re particularly keen on the plants grown in bio-organic living soil, without harmful sprays, that have access to mineral rich water and that are grown in smaller batches. While many producers in our region use indoor techniques, sun-grown flowers offer a special experience…full spectrum light (aka sunshine) is perfect plant food!

As in every agricultural industry, there are farmers who grow for yield, on a timeline and a budget, and there are farmers who grow for quality and the love of . Small batch growing allows for the type of care, attention, and interaction that creates a superior product. We think that cottage industry growers are better for our economy and our environment, so this is where we choose to do business.

How it is flushed and harvested

It is really important to ensure that all nutrients and minerals that the plant has absorbed are flushed from the plant before it is harvested. Effective flushing ensures that the plant will burn clean and evenly, the flavour will be pleasing and complex and the smoke will be much gentler on your throat and lungs. We prefer flowers that have been hang dried and hand trimmed, the human touch and positive intention really do make a difference.

How it burns

You may or may not have heard about inspecting the ash. If you vaporize its a non issue however the colour of the ash is an indicator. A light ash is ideal; a light coloured ash indicates that it has been purged of nutrients that make their way into the plant during the growth phase and that it shows that it was properly flushed. Plants grown in earth can tend to burn a little salt and pepper as it is a challenge to flush when compared to a water based growing system. CBD strains also tend to burn a little darker as they are by nature oiler and produce a heavier ash.

How it tastes

Much like craft brewers produce unique flavour profiles and Vintner’s pride themselves in their specific rendition of Pinot Noir, craft cannabis growers seek to grow flowers with rich terpene and flavonoid profiles, each of which hosts a plethora of therapeutic and pleasurable benefits. Flavours such as mint, citrus, hops and black pepper can present themselves, and each person’s experience is singular. To learn more about this check out our Cannabis 101 page.

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